News in 2016:

One of the puppies, Jade, lives at her breeder and her wonderful progress in herding can be watched in several Youtube Videos at her breeder's HP.

Sven reached his STDd and STDs title with only 13 months. He also tries agility, now. Popi has qualified the herding instinct test. Indy has got his first placements in agility, Bella is trained in obedience. All the others are loved by their familys and/or working on their farms.

Largo reached with only 18 months the highest French Tracking level and was 2nd overall in level 2 at the merit list at the end of 2016.

Amy-Lee got her first tile in SARL: IPO RH-FR-E!


Great puppies loved by great owners. Congratulations to all of you!


News in 2017:

In 2017 Largo won in Level 2 the 'Championship of the Bretagne' and was 'Vice-Champion of France' - at the age of only 21 months. Bravoooo Sandrine, Pascal and Largo!!!!! He is starting now in the highest class 3.

His sister Link is working with dement and old people.


Indy is now running in FCI Agility class 2. And in November Indy reached class 3. Big congrats to Marta! :-)

On one weekend Jade won her first French Herding Trial and Popi her first IHT1 Herding Trial - and Bella got her Brevet in Obedience. Jade is now starting in the highest class in French Herding. Sven began also his agility carreer. This seems to become a great litter. :-)


Bandit, Filou and Nala start in BGH1. And Gipsy, Nala, Cooper und Mexx had their first starts in Agility. With 22 months, Mexx and Cooper already reached Agility FCI class 2 and had the first ASCA titles. Nala also won at a conformation show the 2nd place. And Duke had his first starts in THS. Bär is still learning to work as a therapy dog in a hospiz for children.


Big, big congrats to all the owners for their work and love!

Please pm me if I forgot some titles. I'm sorry!